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Heart in a Tear Drop


Water Drop

A Whatcom County, Washington Community Water Bank, Established 2023


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As of 7/22/2024

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Bottles of Water Donated and Delivered! ​That is over 4061 gallons or 16.2 tons!


All donations to Operation Water Drop go directly ​to local organizations who distribute the donated ​water to those experiencing water poverty in Wh​atcom County, Washington


Whatcom County neighbors and friends that​ have been supplied with clean bottled ​water


Average cost of of water donated is only 10.87 cents per 16.9oz bottle


Days since the grassroots water bank started


Average number of bottles per day delivere​d

Water Poverty Reduction in Two Simple Steps:


Operation Water Drop volunteers purchase bottled water at wholesale price using donated funds and/or collect bottled water from donors


Local organizations distribute donated water, through existing channels and programs, to those experiencing water poverty

Heart in a Tear Drop
Heart in a Tear Drop

"Water is life, and clean water means health."

-Audrey Hepburn

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"Safe, reliable, and equitable water access is critical to human health and livelihoods. In the United States, an estimated 471,000 households or 1.1 million individuals lack a piped water connection and 73% of households are located in cities, close to networked supply."

Source: 2020 PNAS Study

“Our data shows bottled water is the most common source for the homeless population, which means they rely on people to hand it out, or many buy it with their precious funds. It would help if we all handed out water freely and for cities to make public water more readily available by not turning off sources around parks.”

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For water donations, deliveries, and/or to volunteer, please call/text


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